Blue Monday



I’m in the process of clearing out my wardrobe as I prepare to move to London soon. It’s hard, I LOVE my clothes. I remember exactly where I found each piece, and with my vintage clothing being such one of a kind pieces i struggle with the idea that I will likely never find anything like it again.

I have made progress though. I have sold items using Etsy, Depop and through Instagram. I have another two vintage fairs coming up too. But I have found myself trying things on that I am telling myself I am ready to sell, then falling in love with them all over again… then there hey appear, back in my wardrobe!



This dress is one such item. A 1970’s blue psychedelic maxi dress. I found this one in a British Heart Foundation charity shop. It’s a bit big on me, but when it is belted like in these photos I really like it. I can imagine wearing this with a suede waistcoat and heeled chelsea boots.

I don’t usually go for this bright a blue, but the pattern is so pretty with the flowers and leafy design. It’s one of those items that I think I will really regret saying goodbye to. So I will challenge myself to wear it again soon.


J x


Venus Daze Vintage Look Book

Some of you may know that I’m not just a lover and collector of vintage, but a seller of it too. I mostly sell online via Depop, Esty and Instagram, and I pop up at vintage fairs in Kent a few times a year. I would really appreciate it if you could give me a follow: @venusdazevintage

A few months ago I decided to shoot a look book and put a shoutout on instagram to see if any one would like to model. Charlotte Cohen got in touch, a fellow vintage enthusiast. Give her a follow on Instagram: @vonnie_venus






Pink Lady

It’s time for the last of my 1970’s maxi dress haul. This one is a little different for me, as I’m not usually drawn to pink. But when I saw this one hanging on the rail I thought it was so fabulous I couldn’t leave it behind!


We shot these photos in a nearby meadow and I love the way they have come out. I had a very clear vision that I wanted to be frolicking in the sunshine with flowers around me.

This dress is full on, covered in sheer ruffles with big sleeves and a belt made up of ruffle flowers. (how cute!) The skirt is full and long and probably made for someone a few inches taller than me. It may not be the most flattering dress but it’s one I’m going to store for the right fancy dress occasion. Or for a glamorous dinner party where I can try and not dip my sleeves in the food!

Pink 1970’s maxi dress – £2.50 Scope Charity Shop




Back To Black


Since the rain has finally come to spare us all from the heatwave, I thought it was appropriate to share this dress I found a while ago in Scope. It’s another one that was part of the 1970’s dress haul and it’s a real beauty!


This dress has so many things to love; the high neck, bishop sleeve and golden embellishment. I love colour and pattern, but sometimes I like the drama of wearing all black. It appeals to my inner goth I guess.

One of the reasons I am drawn to vintage maxi dresses is that I can find them in the right length for me, I am petite, and find the high street dresses are miles too long or cut the wrong way (not to mention poor quality).

I’m looking forward to bringing this out in colder weather for a festive get together, it will look perfect with gold platforms and a clutch.


J x


Old Favourites

In our current heatwave I’ve been reaching for loose maxi dresses and midi skirts to keep me cool and comfortable. Today I picked out an old favourite from H&M bought many moons ago.



I love the way this dress swooshes when I walk. It has so many details that make it look as if it could be true vintage: the high neck, balloon sleeves and tassel tie. The fabric has the most gorgeous print that works for summer and winter.


I’ve paired it with a simple pair of tan sandals from New Look.



Sometimes it’s nice to rediscover what we own and shop our wardrobes.

J x


This next post is all about another to-die-for 1970’s maxi dress found in my local Scope Charity Shop. ( You will remember I stumbled upon a whole collection and of course bought them all! This one was only £2.50)

This dress is a marble effect beauty. Of all of them I think this one fit me the best, I fell in love with the pattern on the fabric which reminded me of the inside cover of old books.


It has a fantastic collar and buttons up over the bust. I like the way it feels very modest, while at the same time showing off the figure underneath. I can imagine wearing this to work for meetings and feeling professional but also being able to throw it on as an easy day dress.




This is the kind of dress that will never go out of style, perfect for weddings, dinner parties and lounging around the house. I would love to know who the lady was that owned these dresses before me, what sort of lifestyle did she have? Where did she wear this dress to? When I find beautiful vintage pieces like this I feel  as if I have been gifted them. A one of a kind dress that I happen to feel completely myself in.



Photography by Judi Brewster

More soon.

J x


Charity Shop Finds

I was feeling a little sorry for myself yesterday lunch time as I was coming down with a cold. So on my break I popped into my local Barnardos and Hospice In The Weald charity shops to cheer me up (charity shops always cheer me up!).


In Bernardo’s I stumbled upon a collection of handbags. I really nice smaller bags at the moment as they stop me filling them with so much crap. But they also look really elegant. The first was I spotted was a 1970’s leather clutch that I’m thinking will be perfect to use at an upcoming wedding. There was also a cute 60’s berry coloured bag with Lucite handle which looks like it could cone from Zara today. The last bag is a more unusual bohemian tan handbag with an elephant on the front. All the bags were under £5 each.

Next, in Hospice in the Weald I picked out a 70’s acrylic striped t-shirt which I think will go with lots of things. Then I found an 80’s pleated skirt from St Michael’s. This will be perfect for summer days with a boho top. An 80’s tapestry belt caught my eye and for only £2 I had to have it. And lastly I picked up a 70’s ceramic bangle.

Not bad for a lunch break!

J x